Human Behaviour for Human Beings
All human achievement is the outcome of human behaviour and many of our behaviours emerge from a more unconscious level of understanding. Most conventional methods that try to transform or influence our behaviours work at a conscious level and so are largely ineffective. Tools and processes from the Dream Organisation directly engage with unconscious understanding, both individually and collectively, making them far more effective.
Unspoken Space
In an organisation, the greatest value is usually to be found in the unspoken space.
Name The Space
In order to really understand a situation, you have to be able to stand inside it and reflect.
Own The Space
The fundamental process that reflects how we come to know our selves and others.
Change The Space
Archegyres describe contextual spaces and the unconscious understanding within them.
What happens inside, happens outside.
Use your imagination
Innumination describes how each of us continuously creates an imaginal perception of any situation that we experience. We unconsciously sense check these inner models by using the tangibility of the outside world to make sense of the inner worlds we create. Everything that we ever achieve begins as an emerging unconscious awareness in our imaginations.

Unless we can consistently connect our inner imaginal worlds to the tangible outside world, these emerging awarenesses will always remain as just an idea, just a dream, just our imagination. The tools and processes provided by the Dream Organisation enable you to manifest the true value of your imagination in actual reality. By recognising that our perceptions of what is happening outside are unconscious reflections of the imaginal awareness that we are creating inside, we feel far more empowered and able to positively transform the reality of any situation.

Amplify, Echo, Identify, Illuminate, Connect, Reflect.

Dream Orienters are online tools and apps that enable you to understand what you are unconsciously aware of in any situation.

They include Identifiers, Illuminators, Reflectors and Connectors that describe your current situation and ask contextual questions.

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Behavioural Psychologist

Ian Wallace is a behavioural psychologist who helps organisations to influence and transform their collective cultural patterns. Rather than using conventional methods that treat an organisation as an idealised and homogenous culture, he has developed pragmatic tools that enable individuals to connect meaningfully and purposefully. Ian observes that ‘as individuals understand their unconscious behavioural patterns, they become far more aware of how they distribute their selves in the organisation‘.

Situated Understanding

Many organisations try to understand situations through knowledge management initiatives, which are usually based on the widely held belief that knowledge is somehow separate from the contexts that it is learned and used in. Knowledge, however, is almost entirely dependent on the context that it is used in and in many cases, understanding the contextual space is of greater significance than any attempts to abstract knowledge. The Archegyre is unique in its capacity to situate understanding within a contextual space.

The Dream Academy

The Dream Organisation provides a variety of unique tools and processes that enable individuals and organisations to create value from their unconscious understanding. If you wish to use these unique Dream resources as an independent practitioner with clients, you are required to become accredited by The Dream Academy. There are various levels of accreditation, depending on your experience and needs, and being a member of The Dream Academy gives you access to a wide variety of resources.